Attack on Titan TACTICS MOD APK 1.10.02 (Freeze Enemy)
Attack on Titan TACTICS MOD APK 1.10.02 (Freeze Enemy)

Attack on Titan TACTICS MOD APK 1.10.02 (Freeze Enemy)

By HN - May 26, 2023 (6 months ago)
Name Attack on Titan TACTICS
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher DeNA Co., Ltd.
Size 94MB
Latest Version 1.10.02
MOD Features Freeze the Enemy
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Update May 26, 2023 (6 months ago )

Build an army to participate in battles in Attack on Titan TACTICS. The game is modeled after the classic environment. Unleash strategy-style battles. The content is unfolded according to an attractive plot. Revolving around the human desire to be free is protected within a 50-meter high wall. The gameplay is designed in the form of cards. Along with a lot of different characters for you to recruit. Gather into a powerful army to defeat the enemy. Take on tough challenges in real-time battles. From there will dig deeper into stories not found in anime or manga. This is a game that is experienced in offline mode. Can play completely free after mobile download.

Download Attack on Titan TACTICS – Gather Forces To Stop The Titan Army

The context of Attack on Titan TACTICS opens in a large world. But not in the context of freedom. Instead, it is the control of the titan force. To be able to escape their domination. Humanity has built a wall 50 meters high. They found safety in the protected area. But the price to pay in exchange for that is freedom. Wondering how the world outside the wall plays out. A 10-year-old boy named Eren Jaeger wanted to step out into the outside world. Although the entire population has given up on the idea of ​​going beyond that high wall to find freedom. But the boy’s impulses and aspirations were further raised. Because in his mind, he felt that humans and animals were no different. Like being locked in a cage, unable to leave.Attack on Titan TACTICS

Lead everyone to destroy the enemy

Continuation of the story of the game Attack on Titan TACTICS. A big change has shattered the boy Eren’s dream of freedom. The titan, force appeared and attacked to break through the barrier wall. The peace in the safe zone is gradually being destroyed. There is no other choice but to fight. Now only standing up against the enemy has a chance to survive. The villagers became warriors to join the fray. Their goal is to destroy the enemy titan so that they can protect the common home. Join the game, your mission is to lead people to fight with the titan forces. Attack according to a smart strategy to protect the inhabited area. Use their fighting ability with different skills. Find ways to defeat dangerous enemies and win.Download Attack on Titan TACTICS

The gameplay, the process

The gameplay of Attack on Titan TACTICS takes place in a castle defense style. The titan force will attack from beyond the barrier wall. They move in many directions to be able to enter the stronghold. Use cards to represent warriors. Your mission is to recruit them to attack the enemy. Destroy to stop them, thereby completing the mission. Each battle is played out in 3 stages. Conquer each challenge in each stage in turn. Enter the final stage to join the boss battle. With attack ability, body size, and defense surpassing normal enemies. Makes the warriors very difficult to defeat. After defeating the boss will end the battle. From there, people can protect the area where they live.Game Attack on Titan TACTICS

Come up with the right strategy

The battles in Attack on Titan TACTICS take place in real-time. With the onslaught of titan forces entering the stronghold. As a leader, assigned to lead the team to battle. You will defend firmly to ensure that the enemy cannot enter. By coming up with their own combs. Observe the attack lines of the titan forces in many directions. Then use the cards you own to recruit warriors. Block each enemy attack, in turn, to move on to the next stage. The difficulty will increase gradually, especially in the fierce boss battle. To be able to win in the end. Need to improve intelligence in the process of leading the army. Make a suitable strategy and constantly change to achieve better results.Tai Attack on Titan TACTICS

More than 50 different characters for you to recruit. Each character in Attack on Titan TACTICS has its own attack skill. Their strength will be shown in battles. Not only that, each character has an impressive style. Possessing special power with outstanding moves. Can deal massive damage when used. The difference between them is also reflected in their external appearance. Along with the weapons equipped. There are some characters like Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Arlelt, Levi,… and many more.

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