Alien War: The Last DayMOD APK 1.9.4 ( Unlimited upgrade points )
Alien War: The Last DayMOD APK 1.9.4 ( Unlimited upgrade points )

Alien War: The Last DayMOD APK 1.9.4 ( Unlimited upgrade points )

By TT - June 13, 2023 (6 months ago)
Name Alien War: The Last Day
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Naxeex Ltd
Size 94MB
Latest Version 1.9.4
MOD Features Unlimited upgrade points, No ADS
Category Action
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Price FREE
Update June 13, 2023 (6 months ago )

Alien War: The Last Day is a role-playing game built in the future. At that time, the earth was invaded by aliens – forces possessing modern means and weapons. You and a loyal dog must fight them off before they destroy the entire world. To do this, do not forget to equip weapons and equipment and upgrade your hero. You always need progress to withstand increasingly difficult challenges. A series of challenges with new enemies and new races will leave you with no time to rest. Make good use of what you have including weapons, means, and your own wisdom to survive and save humanity.

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The world has changed and entered a new era. The post-apocalyptic context is no longer the biggest worry of mankind. Instead, it is time for humanity to face a new crisis, which is a large-scale invasion by an alien force. They plan to settle in your homeland and turn the earth into a new colony. If you let this happen, your destiny is to become a slave. So stand up and fight with what you have, even if it’s just a dog and a few guns in hand. It is a long journey of resistance with hundreds of challenging missions. But you have the right to plan your battles and act as you please.


Role play and act your way

The game’s mission system will lead you to a campaign against the aliens. Start in some small areas with a small number of enemies first, then larger areas with more enemies. You need to complete the assigned tasks to unlock new challenges, and receive rewards to upgrade your hero. Through the quest system, you also have the opportunity to adventure and explore a vast and realistic 3D open world. It covers various areas such as apartment complexes, streets, malls, suburbs, and more. In every corner of the map, enemies will find you in many ways.

To combat them, familiarize yourself with the game’s controls. It is quite simple and optimized for mobile devices. Specifically, on the left side of the screen, there is a joystick to control the hero. In the right corner of the screen, you will find virtual buttons such as fire, run and reload. But to act, you need to combine these operations flexibly and smoothly. Moreover, you need to observe the map to determine the position of the enemy and take advantage of the terrain to deploy an attack strategy. The control mechanism will change flexibly depending on your actions, typically when walking, driving, and flying a helicopter. Accessing the operations is not difficult, but you need to be agile and have a smart strategy.


Upgrade and design characters

Alien War: The Last Day brings a unique collection of items for you to freely change your hero. Specifically, you can find unique clothing styles, weapons, pets, vehicles, and more. Weapons are quite different, typically sniper rifles, rifles, machine guns, and firearms. In terms of costumes, you can choose pants, tops, masks, and many other beautiful accessories. In particular, you can bring your pet with you as a companion. It can also assist you in battle as it is a well-trained agent dog.

In addition, do not miss the extremely diverse ammunition and vehicles. You can find cars, racing cars, sports cars, and even tanks. In particular, the game also allows you to fly helicopters in some special missions, such as air campaigns. So this is your chance to try driving dozens of unique vehicles. They are designed quite detailed and realistic. Furthermore, you can drive the vehicle from a third-person perspective. It is the best driving experience because you will see the whole vehicle and the scene at the same time. So, shop what you want to design your hero’s style.


Huge and realistic 3D open world

The game will impress you with a 3D graphic style. It vividly depicts a vast 3D open world of various regions, locations, and details. Big buildings, wide streets, huge bridges, and more are all real. Character images are equally vivid and have smooth movements. The effects of shooting, explosions, collisions… contribute to the heat of the battles. So both picture and sound are well done in this game.

Therefore, if you love Alien War: The Last Day, do not hesitate to join it now. A long-term freedom survival campaign is waiting for you to explore here. Play as a hero and complete missions against alien forces. With modern weapons and vehicles, you can come up with dozens of perfect battle plans to defeat your enemies. Eliminate them from the planet of humanity, or you will become their slave.

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