Air Scramble MOD APK (Unlimited Money)
Air Scramble MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Air Scramble MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

By HN - June 21, 2023 (5 months ago)
Name Air Scramble
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Dot Game
Size 100MB
Latest Version
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category Action
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update June 21, 2023 (5 months ago )

Get ready for air defense wars in the game Air Scramble. Following the action, the gameplay is combined with shooting elements. Play as a pilot who has the right to control the plane. Mission to participate in dramatic air battles in the vast sky. Aim to shoot down the enemy planes to win. The content of the game takes place in an offline mode. With a diverse mission system challenge your skills. Prove yourself by stopping the dangers from the sky. From a pilot’s first-person perspective to operate and attack. To increase the real experience for players. The publisher has combined realistic 3D graphics and realistic sound effects when operating the aircraft.

Download Air Scramble – Control Airplanes In Fierce Air Wars

Under the first-person perspective of a pilot operates the fighter. Fly freely in the vast sky to perform missions. Use the equipped weapon system against other dangers in the sky. Those are enemy planes. Accordingly, it must shoot them down through accurate targeting and firing. At the same time avoid their attacks to ensure safety. Based on specific given conditions and complete assigned tasks. From there can win and get rewards. At the same time continue the journey in the next missions. Face bigger challenges.Air Scramble

Get used to the gameplay

Before entering the air wars, you will have to get used to the gameplay, as well as the control mechanics. Accordingly, will have to participate in the training mission. Here will be the system of detailed instructions on the activities that take place. From starting on the runway to what to do to fly to the sky. Until the activities that take place after the flight. As well as watching things happen and locking down the target once determined. Also, use different weapons equipped to fire. In addition, instructions on how to navigate the movement of the aircraft are also provided. Helps you dodge attacks from enemies in the sky.Game Air Scramble

Control mechanism

The control system of Air Scramble is designed quite complex. Although optimized, it is simpler than controlling a real plane. But to flexibly use the features will need to take some time. Accordingly displays a lot of different features to use during flight. Represented by letters displayed on the screen. For example, navigate left, right, up and down. Or the speed control lever helps you increase or decrease to match the situation at hand. Along with that are symbols of firepower equipped in many different shapes. To use the attack, just touch, from which the aircraft will open fire.Tai Air Scramble

Note the indicators

The process of flying in the sky to perform missions. It will be necessary to pay attention to various indicators, including operability and remaining fuel. They are expressed as percentages. Along with that is the operating speed of the aircraft. Each stat plays an important role in air battles. Fuel will decrease over time flying in the sky. Active ability will be reduced after an enemy hit. If one of the above two stats is exhausted, it will mean that it is impossible to continue fighting. Besides, it is necessary to change the speed to suit each situation. If the speed is too slow, it will make it easier for the enemy to locate and attack.

Many tasks to do

A lot of different tasks need to be performed during aircraft operation. Conflict with the enemy’s air defense system. Fight with other planes in the sky. Attack enemy aircraft carriers at sea, and destroy their base in an area. There are many other tasks that will be opened by the system after each task is completed. The difficulty also increases after coming to the next air battles. With many tough challenges waiting ahead. Requires skills and experience that need to be constantly improved to pass.Download Air Scramble

Here Air Scramble provides many different planes. They are all jet vehicles designed based on real-life prototypes. Each aircraft possesses different capabilities. Details can be found through parameters such as speed, management, power, and radar. Accordingly, you can upgrade the aircraft you use with the money earned after the war. Thereby enhancing superior combat ability.

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