Action Taimanin MOD APK 2.7.40 (Menu, Disable Enemies, High Damage)
Action Taimanin MOD APK 2.7.40 (Menu, Disable Enemies, High Damage)

Action Taimanin MOD APK 2.7.40 (Menu, Disable Enemies, High Damage)

By TT - May 18, 2022 (2 years ago)
Name Action Taimanin
Requires Android 7.0
Size 43MB
Latest Version 2.7.40
MOD Features Menu, Disable Enemies, High Damage
Category Action
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Price FREE
Update May 18, 2022 (2 years ago )

Action Taimanin gives you epic battles on a 3D scene. You will play the role of beautiful and hot female heroes to participate in the legendary war with the forces of darkness. The devil has risen again after thousands of years of exile in the deep dungeon. They destroy the peace treaty with humans and plot to invade the world a second time. Do not let them achieve their plot because you are no exception to their destruction. So, stand up and fight with the 3 main heroes and many other secondary heroes. Each has its own unique power that you can harness to conquer fiery battles. Focus on skills and learn how to combine them to create the perfect power combo. Don’t forget to upgrade your character to become stronger, to gain the advantage in increasingly complex battle levels.

Download Action Taimanin – Typical action role-playing gameplay

Action Taimanin has a gameplay that is not too new but is well-invested, that’s why it is favored by thousands of gamers. It is set in a classical setting and exploits the theme of the war between demons and humans. It is one of the most popular themes and has a huge fan following. Besides, it brings a complete plot, beautiful character design, description of motion effects, and very eye-catching skills. Therefore, by joining the game, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the eye-catching battles on your phone. If you love heroines, spend bonuses to unlock dozens of available characters. Plus, shop for equipment, weapons, skins, and more to make them even stronger and stand out.


Become a part of the epic battle

After thousands of years of being sealed, evil forces have risen from the ground with a plot to take over the world again. They begin their destruction everywhere on earth, starting with Tokyo. Realizing the situation is increasingly dangerous, an army of Taimanin heroes is sent to fight the evil forces. And you are one of them. Choose the heroine you like and rush into the battlefield, show your skills and finish off the traitors. Make good use of the skills of each character and move wisely. Winning will bring you many valuable gifts and titles.

Action Taimanin has multiple game modes, including story mode and PvP battlefield. If you play the story mode, you will discover a journey of fighting the devil from easy to difficult. Hundreds of enemies with unique appearances and destructive power will be a challenge for you to test your ability. Even on some levels, you will have to confront the legendary giant Boss. However, the PvP mode is often harsher because you have to confront online players. Gather your favorite heroines and compete with other gamers on the fierce 3v3 battlefield.


Unlock and upgrade characters

Currently, Action Taimanin only provides gamers with 3 options with 3 main characters. However, it has more than 30 extra characters to accompany you in each battle. Each has its own appearance and strength, but all have basic stats including HP, ATK, DEF, and CRI. The higher the character, the higher these stats. However, you can influence them in the form of upgrades.

Players can upgrade their characters with weapons, items, equipment, and more. Each item will have a certain effect on the character’s stats. Depending on your preferences, you should have appropriate upgrade strategies to increase the focus stats. Besides, you can upgrade the level of each hero, the maximum level is 40 levels. And do not miss the great options to decorate the character with hot skins. The game also regularly has events for gamers to participate in and hunt for seasonal or festive skins.


3D graphics, vivid effects

It’s great that Action Taimanin is designed on the basis of 3D graphics. The characters with anime designs are both sweet and charming. Besides, the battlefield context is also described vividly, the enemy’s appearance is very rich, accompanied by eye-catching attack effects. In particular, each character’s skills are described with great colors and sounds. Thanks to that, each battle appears very vivid and impressive on the phone screen.


All in all, Action Taimanin is a good game, complete and with depth. It is not only a product with good looks but also possesses attractive content, namely attractive action gameplay and a rich item system. So come and join the endless battle journey, explore fantasy world adventures and interact with your favorite female characters.

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