2D Strike MOD APK 5.9.6 (Menu, Unlimited money health ammo)
2D Strike MOD APK 5.9.6 (Menu, Unlimited money health ammo)

2D Strike MOD APK 5.9.6 (Menu, Unlimited money health ammo)

By HN - May 31, 2023 (6 months ago)
Name 2D Strike
Requires Android 2.3
Publisher Ivan qSchulz
Size 27MB
Latest Version 5.9.6
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money health ammo
Category Action
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Price FREE
Update May 31, 2023 (6 months ago )

Built-in action shooting style. But the 2D Strike game opens up completely new gameplay. Unlike other game genres with similar content on the market. Instead of opening battles in the first or third-person perspective. Here, you will experience the top-down shooting gameplay. With a diverse mission system to explore. Especially will be participating in many different game modes. Designed rules and conditions that need to be followed. Along with that will have the opportunity to use many unique guns to equip. Fight freely according to your own strategy. Compete with enemies on a vast battlefield. Use a simple, yet intuitively designed control interface. Enjoy classic style 2D graphics.

Download 2D Strike – Massive Environment Shooting Battle

Play as a gunman to join the fight in 2D Strike. Based on the open-style action shooter gameplay. Using a top-down perspective will help you keep an eye on the whole. Can freely deploy personal attack strategy against the enemy. Mission to fight with scary zombies. With a large number of zombies appearing in many different areas. As soon as you are present, they will rush to attack. Aim to take lives and make the mission fail. There is no other choice but to fight to survive. Because no matter where you run, you can’t escape. Use the gun in your hand as a defensive tool. Continuous and accurate bullets to kill zombies. From there, you can complete quests to receive rewards.2D Strike

There are 12 game modes

According to the publisher providing the game mode of 2D Strike. There are 12 different modes for participants to explore. Typical like battle royale, bugs attack, base defense, zombie,… and some other modes. Each game mode opens up battles according to different rules. Along with that are specific conditions, which must be complied with. At the same time, the modes will be experienced under two main gameplay. Includes playing online by connecting to the network. Compete with other players or join them as teammates. Through connecting to the server system to meet each other. Or play offline completely for free. Enemies and opponents are both controlled by AI. Help you gain more experience and improve your skills. Win to get many attractive rewards.Game 2D Strike

Real-time, combat skills

No matter what mode you participate in the battles of 2D Strike. The gameplay takes place in real-time. In the process will reproduce extremely fierce attacks. With fierce competition to be able to survive. You can choose to equip two main weapons and one support weapon. To fight the enemy and become a professional shooter. Win every match. Requires skills to be continuously improved. Observe the surrounding terrain and the environment as a whole. Use the gun to shoot bullets accurately. Combine with support weapons like grenades to deal massive damage. Or take advantage of your surroundings. Shoot at the oil tanks to create a big explosion. Causes enemies in that radius to lose their lives.Tai 2D Strike

Huge arsenal

Own a diverse arsenal with more than 20 different guns. Each weapon in 2D Strike has its own unique room. There are a number of types such as pistols, AK guns, and sniper rifles. Machine guns, revolvers, shotguns, rifles, flamethrowers. There are a number of other types that you will discover when participating. Likewise, there is also a collection of support weapons. Examples include grenades, kerosene bottles, first aid boxes, armor, axes,… and many more. The attacking ability of the guns is shown through the parameters. Through use in battle will help you learn their pros and cons. Then you can choose the type of gun that suits your attack style. Besides, supporting weapons play an equally important role.Download 2D Strike

MOD APK Feature of 2D Strike

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited health
  • Unlimited ammo

The combat environment in 2D Strike opens in various locations. Including in the forest, in the barren desert, in the abandoned factory,… and many more. Each location is landscaped in a classical style. With diverse terrain to be able to move freely. At the same time appear many different types of items. You can use them against enemies. Take turns participating in each battle to win. From there continue the quest in new competitions. Gradually will be exploring the entire environment in the game.

How to Download & Install 2D Strike MOD APK 5.9.6 for Android Latest Version 2023

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